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Diversified Technology Systems has been utilizing A&G Industrial Services, Inc. for about 10 years exclusively for internal coating of all our pressure vessels utilized in the nuclear industry for use as demineralized. DTS chose to use internally coated vessels rather than stainless steel vessels due to the longer life that they provide.

Stainless steel is susceptible to both MIC and intergranular corrosion that result in pin-hole developing especially in weld affected areas. In the past 10 years, not one vessel failure has occurred and periodic inspections of vessels have never shown any areas of concern where any type of corrosion has occurred beneath the coatings.

A&G Industrial Services’ quality of work has always been excellent and their quality assurance programs are very helpful. When vessels have arrived at their facility with defective workmanship from other suppliers, A&G was quick to point out the deficiencies and correct them prior to the coating process. Their high voltage test procedure also assures that if a defect/void should occur, it is detected immediately. They have always accommodated our every request and have been very easy to work with.

DTS has used these demineralized at the following plants: ANO, Beaver Valley Big Rock Point; Comanche Peak, Davis-Besse, Ft. Calhoun; Humboldt Bay, Maine Yankee, North Anna; Salem, Seabrook, Shoreham; Turkey Point, V.C. Summers, Wolf Creek.

DTS plans to use A&G for all its future vessel coatings and would strongly recommend them to any nuclear utility for their outstanding capabilities and service.

Dennis Brunsell

VP Technology, Diversified Technology Systems

A&G Industrial Services provided the highest quality, most cost-effective solution to our plant coatings needs. They are at the top of our list of contractors to provide tank lining and nuclear service level coatings applications and maintenance. This company provided a turnkey package that covered quality control, planning, work package development and implementation. The work crew and supervision were first class, highly skilled, and accommodating to plant restrictions and requirements.

Andrew Patrzalek

Engineer, Ginna Nuclear Power Plant

If every crew was as awesome as this one my life would be a cakewalk. Your guys do not mess around. Extremely professional, very safety conscious and the housekeeping is out of this world. We really enjoyed having A&G onsite and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Sam Ward

Maintenance Technician, Exelon Power

A&G Industrial Services performed flawlessly and showed off the high standards that they have. Safety, knowledge of their task and their own personnel teamwork was unsurpassed. Pre-outage meetings and their readiness to perform the work once their work trailer arrived onsite proved they used the best coating materials, tooling and setup for the area for the task.

Doug Racine

Engineer, NMP Nuclear Station

I have worked with A&G Industrial Services folks on several projects each year for the last five years and I always look forward to seeing and working with them at a plant site. The A&G staff does excellent work, are very professional, and care about the work they do. It is a great thing to work on a project knowing the steps A&G are doing (e.g., surface preparation for inspection of high energy piping in most of my experience) will be correctly and well done. More than all of that, though, they are a great group of guys to work with.

Wendy Weiss

Associate, Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.

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