We are dedicated to building the best team of industrial technicians, jobsite supervisors, and project managers.

SINCE 1998

Since its founding in 1998, A&G Industrial Services has dedicated its efforts to offering trusted specialty solutions for turnkey projects. Today, A&G continues to pioneer in the field of applied technologies with the highest certainty of outcome for use in a broad spectrum of industrial applications. When the reliability of your processes and assets are at risk, turn to A&G to extend the life cycle value of your assets.


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Peter Krukiel

Founder & President

Peter has over 25 years of experience developing solutions for the correction and prevention of corrosion in a wide variety of industrial applications, including specialty coatings, linings, carbon fiber composite systems, and more. Peter has provided maintenance free solutions to the nuclear, utilities, and power generation industries. He is certified as a NACE coating inspector (level 1 and 2) and a member of AMPP, ASME, and ASTM D-33.

Jennifer Giampociaro

Operations Manager

Wesley Bushika


Motor Accidents | Aviation Accidents Product Liability | Slip and Fall Accidents

John Krukiel

Senior Project Manager

David Krukiel

Senior Project Manager


Our team is guided by four core values that are the foundation to our work: Safety, Trust, Quality, and Expertise


We are dedicated to cultivating a culture where safety is at the forefront of our day-to-day tasks, prioritizing the well-being of our clients and employees alike. Our commitment to safety is reinforced at the start of each shift, with daily job hazard analyses and safety drills.


As a specialty turnkey contractor, we aim to exceed expectations by providing high-quality maintenance free solutions.


At A&G Industrial Services, it is important not only to trust the reliability of the provided services, but also to trust the service-providing team. We take pride in offering turnkey services clients can trust for reliable results.



With 25 years of experience across a multitude of industries, A&G Industrial Services serves as clients’ go-to resource, offering invaluable expertise. Our expertise is the cornerstone of our business, offering clients dependable services.

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