Restore and extend the operational life of your critical assets with our cutting-edge repairs. Specializing in pipeline and tank repairs, our turnkey team offers comprehensive solutions to address corrosion, erosion, structural deterioration, and issues with aging assets. Increase your assets’ life with our proactive approach to piping and tank repair.

  • Managed Area Programs (MAPs)
  • Tank Linings & Reinforcements
  • Tank Repairs
  • Tank & Piping Inspections
  • External & Internal Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Epoxy Linings & Coatings

Tank Linings

Tank lining and repair is critical for above-ground tanks and corrosion protection. We have been repairing and relining industrial, municipal, and commercial tanks for potable water, wastewater, chemical storage, fuel storage, and treated water systems since 1999.

The storage of acidic and alkaline liquids at varying concentrations and temperatures is challenging for most traditional substrates, coatings, and linings. Let A&G Industrial Services act as your most trusted specialty contractor, providing the long-term maintenance free solutions for your tank lining needs.

Green main pipeline
Yellow pipeline with green taped criss corss pattern


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