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Long Term Maintenance Free Solutions

A & G Industrial is a Turnkey contractor that has the ability to self-perform many specialty industrial coatings & linings applications for the correction and prevention of corrosion & erosion process control problems.  A & G also specializes in Carbon Fiber applications for the repair & reinforcement of piping, tanks, equipment & structures.

Immersion Grade Epoxy Liners

Anti-Corrosion Wraps

When Maintenance-Free Solutions Are Critical To Your Process!

22 Years of Commercial & Industrial Experience

  • Cooling Water Piping Epoxy Linear Replacements
  • Cooling Water Piping FRP Reinforcements & Repairs Immersion Grade Liners
  • Work Package Development
  • Safety Related Application Capabilities
  • Radiation Storage Tank Liners
  • Heat Exchanger & Steam Condenser Epoxy Cladding Systems
  • SIPP Epoxy Liners
  • Corrosion Assessments
  • Condensate & Demineralizer Liner Replacements
  • Carbon Fiber Wrapping Applications
  • FRP Piping Repairs
  • Water Proofing & Urethane Crack Injection
  • Industrial Painting
  • Structural & Seismic Concrete Repair
  • Sand Blasting & Dry Ice Blasting

Condensate Liner Replacements

Cooling Water Specialist

Industrial & Maintenance Painting

FRP Piping Repair & Replacements

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