Carbon Fiber Wrapping For Food Industry Equipment

At A&G Industrial, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer custom solutions, tailored specifically to almost any application in nearly every industry. We especially value the opportunity to work in the food production industry, bettering their equipment to help ensure the safety of America’s food. We worked with one such company recently and we’re excited to share the results.

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Carbon Fiber Wrapping Helps Bio-Hazard Lab Avert Crisis

A government level 5 bio-hazardous laboratory encountered an emergency situation requiring the immediate assistance of a skilled carbon fiber wrapping contractor. A fast and effective repair plan was needed to fix a large holding vessel used for the decontamination of bio-hazardous wastes. The vessel was built in the 1970’s and had sprung a leak after years of use, resulting in untreated bio-hazardous wastes leaking into the facility. Replacement options were limited due to the tank’s location within a level 5 containment, making this challenging situation a perfect fit for a custom A&G solution.

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Carbon Fiber Replacement Tanks

Often times when a tank has fallen victim to corrosion or erosion beyond its functional service life, or the process for the tank has changed or now falls outside of its original manufactured design, the plan has always been to take the tank out of service and start planning for a costly replacement. Today there is a new effective and economical solution – Build a carbon fiber replacement tank.

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