A & G Industrial is an expert in the prevention and remediation of corrosion and erosion, even in the most difficult and hash industrial conditions. If you are experiencing leaking, excess corrosion, a failed API inspection in your process tanks, vessels or piping our turnkey approach will help you diagnose your problem, plan a strategy to correct it, and successfully implement our plan. We are experts in immersion grade linings and composite reinforcement for industrial processes ranging from salt water, concentrated acids, strong caustics, treated & purified water to petroleum products. Outside of immersion linings and composite carbon fiber reinforcements, we also offer lead abatement, coating removal, and dustless sand blasting.

A & G Specializes in Turnkey Specialty Coatings & Linings for:

  • Treated Tank Linings, Condensate & Polished Water System Vessels
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Spray Dry Absorbers, Fabric Filters & Environmental Systems
  • Slurry, Classifiers, Neutralization Tanks
  • Immersion Grade Linings & Coatings
  • Erosion & Corrosion Control
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
Contact us today to learn more about how A&G Industrial Services can provide a turnkey solution to your erosion or corrosion issues using our state-of-the-art facility and team of experts.