Carbon Fiber Composites for the Nuclear Industry

A & G Industrial is an experienced company that has the ability to provide many specialty nuclear coatings, linings & carbon fiber composite application services. Our ability to provide a single source of supply for a wide variety of specialty services makes A & G Industrial your specialty contractor of choice. A & G Industrial Services provides the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for tank linings, service & cooling water systems, heat exchangers or steam condensers & nuclear service level coatings applications, carbon fiber composites and maintenance coatings. A & G provides a turnkey package that covers quality control, planning, work package development and implementation. Our work crews and supervisors are first class, highly skilled, and accommodating to plant restrictions and requirements.


  • Condensate De-Mineralizer Relining of Vessels
  • Rubber Liner to Epoxy Liner Conversions
  • Radiation Storage Tank Linings
  • Radiation Make-Up Water Tank Linings
  • Heat Exchanger & Steam Condenser Epoxy Linings/Claddings
  • Composite Carbon Fiber Applications
  • Storage Tanks, Clarifiers & Sump Liners
  • Transformer Coatings
For superior nuclear coatings and linings for all construction, environmental and engineering applications, contact the experts at A & G Industrial. For over 15 years, A & G has served businesses in the power generation, heat exchanger, chemical processing, pulp and paper and mining industries.

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