Carbon Fiber Wrapping Helps Bio-Hazard Lab Avert Crisis

A government level 5 bio-hazardous laboratory encountered an emergency situation requiring the immediate assistance of a skilled carbon fiber wrapping contractor.  A fast and effective repair plan was needed to fix a large holding vessel used for the decontamination of bio-hazardous wastes. The vessel was built in the 1970’s and had sprung a leak after years of use, resulting in untreated bio-hazardous wastes leaking into the facility. Replacement options were limited due to the tank’s location within a level 5 containment, making this challenging situation a perfect fit for a custom A&G solution.
To work around the challenges of the tank’s location, A&G developed a solution involving a composite carbon fiber tank being constructed within the existing tank. Although the carbon fiber tank was a great fit, the process still presented a great hurdle due to the service conditions. The tank temperature was approximately 215 deg. F. and contents were agitated and heated by saturated steam injection at about 110 psig. Additionally, the chemical exposure of Acetone, Chloroform, Toluene, Chloride, Sulfate, MEK, Phosphorous, Isopropyl Alcohol & Nonanol created a very aggressive environment for a composite carbon fiber tank without the right Advanced FRP System.
Despite the seemingly endless list of drawbacks and challenges presented by the situation, A & G Industrial provided the planning, design and execution of a carbon fiber reinforced epoxy liner manufactured by Advanced FRP Systems. The resulting product met or exceeded all system and design requirements, and the new epoxy liner was able to easily withstand the aggressive high temperatures & chemical exposure. To ensure quality of the work and the best possible results, A & G Industrial Services also provided an onsite, full time representative from Advanced FRP Systems to perform QA/QC throughout the installation of the carbon fiber wrap.
The A&G industrial team takes pride in the ability to work with clients in many different industries. Each new project presents a different set of challenges requiring custom solutions. A&G values each opportunity to work in a variety of industries such as biochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, power generation, petrochemical, wind energy, hydro electric, gas transmission and many more.Contact A&G for a custom fiber wrapping solution today.