Carbon Fiber Wrapping For Food Industry Equipment

At A&G Industrial, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer custom solutions, tailored specifically to almost any application in nearly every industry. We especially value the opportunity to work in the food production industry, bettering their equipment to help ensure the safety of America’s food. We worked with one such company recently and we’re excited to share the results.
A Starchy Situation
In Davenport, Iowa; Penford Products, a modified starch company who produces everything from paper to pet food, was in need of a repair plan and carbon fiber wrapping contractor. They needed a T-316 vessel used for food production restored back to its original pressure design, while meeting food safety regulations. This unique vessel was designed to withstand pressures ranging from 14 psig positive pressure down to 21 in of Hg vacuum pressure which are part of an elevated temperature starch conversion process which requires strict adherence to FDA CFR 175.300 food safety regulations as well as the OSHA safety management.
A Unique Problem Requires a Unique Solution
The existing structure had been taken out of production due to a 60% loss of wall thickness in several areas. The biggest drawback was one we’ve seen many times; the placement and surrounding structure of the vessel caused it to be virtually impossible to remove and replace. This obstacle was worsened by the close proximity to other equipment, increasing the need for a custom repair strategy.
The A & G Industrial team created a dynamic strategy; providing the planning, design and execution of a carbon fiber reinforced epoxy liner that met or exceeded all system and design requirements. To ensure the highest quality outcome of the installation of the carbon fiber wrap, A&G provided an onsite, full-time NACE CIP Coating Inspector to perform QA/QC throughout the project. The epoxy liner of the vessel now not only complies with FDA regulations, it is also Kosher, and Halal.
The A&G team was happy to provide Penford with an innovative and effective solution to their problem. The vessel which was once in a state of disrepair can now play a role in producing top-quality starches for the production of thousands of products.
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