• Customer: Consolidated Edison – East River Station
  • Location: New York, NY
  • System: FRP Repair Putty, HP-300
  • Surface Preparation: Grit Blasted to an SSPC SP-5 with a 3 mil angular profile
  • Substrate: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Project Summary: Conolidated Edison’s East River Station had a long history of experiencing corrosion on their submerged infrastructure. They decided to replace their travelling water screens with new, 316 Stainless Alloy to prevent 
future corrosion. Unfortunately, despite the high chloride resistance of 316, they began to corrode anyways. They discovered that high levels of bacteria were causing Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC) that attacks even high grade stainless alloys. They reached out to A & G Industrial Services to help solve their corrosion problem. A & G selected the use of the Advanced FRP Systems HP-300 Epoxy that is not prone to attack from MIC and would offer them a long term solution for their corrosion and as a foul release coating system helped reduce the accumulation of marine growth on the travelling water screens, increasing their efficiency. Travelling water screens, as you can see in the pictures, have numerous weld seems, connection points
and small parts. In order to prevent the aggressive MIC from degrading the steel the coating had to completely encapsulate the entire structure. We started by stripping all the weld seems with the Advanced FRP Repair Putty. Then all the hard to reach areas coated by hand with our HP-300 Epoxy to ensure complete coverage. Two coats of the HP-300 Epoxy were applied by airless spray as a low surface energy, foul release coating system. The entire screen was coated on time and on budget to provide Consolidated Edison with a long term solution from MIC.