• Customer Information: NRG Energy – Arthur Kill Generating Station, Unit #20
  • Location: Staten Island, NY
  • System: Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Pipe Wrap
  • Surface Preparation: Grit Blasted to an SSPC SP-10
  • Substrate: Steel and Gunite
  • Date of Application: 9 – 2014
  • Project Summary:
    NRG Arthur Kill station was experiencing multiple leaks in their 60 Inch diameter circulating water line. This pipe was previously wrapped with a failing FRP, fiber reinforced polymer system on the exterior. After removal of the interior lining and grit blasting of the pipe numerous large holes were discovered in the steel pipe. In order to use our high strength carbon fiber composite system, the pipe must be smooth and cylindrical so we had to rebuild the areas of missing pipe. A plexiglass sheet was strapped tightly around the outside of the pipe and the repair crew was able to use a Ceramic Repair Putty and fiber glass mesh to rebuild the missing sections of pipe from the inside. Once the material cured, the plexiglass sheets were removed and the outside diameter of the pipe was once again cylindrical. Once resurfaced A & G Industrial Services was then able to install a high strength, aerospace grade, 3 layer carbon fiber pipe wrap system. Once the composite was cured, the pipe was coated with a immersion grade epoxy coating system.