• Customer: Veolia – MATEP
  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • System: 2 Layer Heavy weight Carbon fiber composite repair 
with a chemical resistant topcoat
  • Surface Preparation: Grit Blasted to an SSPC SP-10, Near
White Metal Finish with a 3 mil angular profile
  • Substrate: Steel
  • Date of Application: 4 – 2015
  • Project Summary:
    MATEP had a condensate storage tank that was sitting on a 
badly corroded concrete pad. The tank had been serviced several timesfor leaks despite the presence of a pre-existing protective coating system. Upon our tank inspection, a large crack through the coating system and the tank floor was discovered. Instead of completely replacing the entire floor of the tank, MATEP decided to explore a more expedient and cost effective Carbon Fiber composite repair. The condensate tank ranged in temperature from 150 – 195 oF and distilled water has a tendency to permeate through polymeric systems, forming osmotic blisters. Most likely the reason for the previous coating failure.
    Adanced FRP Systems was able to provide a high strength, high modulus composite floor solution with a permeation resistant epoxy novolac topcoat. The high temperature composite lining is rated for continuous service up to 275 oF while the permeation resistant topcoat prevented the ultra pure water from forming osmotic blisters below the new composite tank bottom. A & G Industrial Services applied a two layer Advanced FRP Systems aerospace quality, Bi-Directional Carbon Fiber System to provide a structurally independent composite floor. An epoxy novolac topcoat was installed onto of the new composite floor to prevent the permeation of water through the composite lining.
    MATEP choose A & G Industrial for this critical job because of our unique combination of expertise in both immersion grade lining systems as well as high strength composite repairs. A & G offered the certainty of outcome and long term, maintenance free service life that MATEP was looking for in a tank repair.