Carbon Fiber Replacement Tanks

Building a Carbon Fiber Tank Inside Your Existing Tank

Often times when a tank has fallen victim to corrosion or erosion beyond its functional service life, or the process for the tank has changed or now falls outside of its original manufactured design, the plan has always been to take the tank out of service and start planning for a costly replacement. Today there is a new effective and economical solution – Build a carbon fiber replacement tank. By using the original footprint of the old tank you can construct a brand new corrosion resistant carbon fiber tank on the inside. With your new carbon fiber replacement tank you can modify the design parameters with ease, and the biggest advantage is the reduced replacement cost of 70% on average. A&G is proud to feature the following selection of protective liner options;

Chemical Resistant Liner       Corrosion Resistant Liner      Cavitation Resistant Liner
Abrasion Resistant Liner        Impact Resistant Liner           Food Grade Liner
High Temperature Liner         Low Surface Energy Liner     Potable Water Liner

If you’re looking to replace your carbon or stainless steel tank, don’t simply dispose of it just because of corrosion or design issues. Take a moment to contact the helpful representatives at A&G Industrial Services to help you plan for your carbon fiber replacement tank. Our experienced coatings specialists can advise you as to the proper process and products for your tank’s specific interiors. Engineering stamped drawings are also available for all tank projects. A & G Industrial prides itself on complete turnkey projects from planning, design to implementation. Piping systems and structural reinforcements systems also available.