Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Application Services

  • Pipe & Penstock Internal & External Linings
  • Tank External Wraps
  • Tank Internal Reconstruction
  • Concrete Peers & Columns
  • Pedestals, Slabs, Tilt Up Walls
  • Seismic Reinforcement
  • Stacks & Chimneys
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
  • I-Beams, Wood Beams & Concrete Beams
  • Utility Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Feasibility Study and Preliminary Problem Evaluation
  • Material Supply
  • Contractor Training and Certification
  • Installation Oversight
  • Inspection and Quality Control
  • Testing and Validation
  • Engineering, Design and Specification

A & G provides polymeric and composite solutions to keep your industrial process running efficiently and reliably.  Our complete line of composite reinforcement systems can be used to repair and rebuild even the most badly deteriorated pipes, tanks and vessels.  Major utilities, chemical, industrial & waste water treatment plant operators look to A & G when they constantly have to worry about leaks in their aging and corroded piping, tanks & process equipment systems. Often times they need an affordable, reliable, and quick to install system that will get their plant back online ASAP.  

Contact us with your hardest problems and see how our team of experts breaks down your situation while providing you with maintenance free solutions.

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