Carbon Fiber Composite Tank Replacement & FRP Tank Repair

  • Creates a Structurally Independent Carbon Fiber Composite Tank using Your Existing Tank
  • Less Than 1/3 the Cost of Typical Tank Replacement Options
  • Upgrade Existing Tanks to Handle Higher Pressures, High Temperatures, or More Aggressive Immersion Services
  • Save Time With Flexible Fabrics That Quickly Mold to Any Size, Shape or Design
  • Interior and Exterior Tank Wraps Are Available to Suit Your Needs
  • Excellent Adhesion to Concrete, Steel, Composite and Many Other Substrates
  • Specialty Lining Available for Concentrated Acids, Caustics, Extreme Abrasion, Cavitation, Food Grade, and Portable Water Applications

A & G Industrial Services Proudly Offers

  • Onsite Inspections, Life Expectancy Investigation, Component Integrity Assessments, NDE Examinations, Coating Failure Analysis
  • Full Service Turnkey Applications
  • Nuclear Applications: Detailed Written Specifications, Project Planning, Written Work Procedures
  • Engineering, Design, Specifications, and Stamped Drawings

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